Lansing, Michigan


Time: Contemporary                                

Situation: Told from the perspective that the eyes are the mirror to ones' soul, a mature woman wonders about the reaction her grown daughter shows after finding a picture of her mother as a young woman. The daughter's reaction releases thoughts of how we perceive ourselves that might differ from how others see us, including those most familiar with us i.e. children, friends, loved ones...this piece exposes audiences to images of truths that lie behind the eyes.

Subject Matter: Women of a Certain Age, Sadness, Love, Redemption, Rejection, Childhood Remembrances, Workplace Abuse, Mirrored Reflections, Truths.

Note from Playwright: This piece was written during a time of reflection and self-examination by a woman of a certain age whose truths are exposed by the words of an adult daughter's perception. It leads to the woman unearthing those lost truths that lay dormant as years passed. She is subject to know herself, again through her daughter's insights and her own eyes mirrored in her reflection.


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