Austin, Texas


Time: Contemporary

Situation: Joseph and Owen are in The White. All that was before The White is gone. They have no clues to why they are there, no reason, no rhythm, no night, no day, only White. A revolver and a single bullet. As hours stretch into days, days into weeks with no contact with the outside, wherever it is, the two engage in a dialogue on life and meaning and faith. What matters when everything has been stripped away? All of your identity? All of society? What does life mean in The White?

Subject Matter: Life, Death, Faith, Worth, Trust, Trapped, Guns, Survival, Mental Health

Note from the Playwright: The play WHITE is an exploration of how a male relationship can progress in the absence of society and the pressures of being observed. It ends as a commentary on the value we place on ourselves and our lives, what will we do when we think no one's watching?


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  • Source
    One-Act Play
  • Genre
    Drama, Absurdist, Immersive
  • Period
  • Writer Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation
  • Writer Ethnicity
    African/African American
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