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It’s a sticky hot summer in the swamplands of Pawley’s Island, South Carolina. Step-sisters Wanda and Daisy struggle to get by as the people they love disappear; Wanda’s mother has recently died, and Daisy’s father's mysterious illness worsens, and his obsession with an impending rapture intensifies. The girls try to repair their fractured relationship by summoning dark memories in hopes of finding a little light. A magical story about how we hold onto family, the past and ourselves while we seek better lives, and wait patiently as the Great Rapture hails us--or doesn’t.


Time: Contemporary                             

Situation: Daisy is a seventeen-year-old girl who has grown up in a trailer in Pawley's Island, SC. She has had a troubled past which led her family to sending her to a Christian reform facility. Her family runs out of money to keep her there, so she returns home. Her family is torn apart by her step-mother's recent suicide, and the slow decline of her father who is suffering from early-onset Alzheimer's. Wanda, Daisy's twenty-one year-old step-sister has been shouldering the burden of their family's chaos, and is resentful of Daisy's carefree, wild approach to life. Daisy enters the Miss Teen Tobacco in hopes of winning the four-thousand-dollar prize to help her family. Daisy's talent for the pageant is story-telling. This speech is her story that she is giving at the pageant.

Subject Matter: Step-family, Competition, Jealousy, Poverty, Redemption

Note from Playwright: Daisy is only seventeen, but has already had a wild, colorful, troubled life. The whole town knows who she is, and this speech at the Miss Teen Tobacco Pageant serves as her moment of redemption, where she explains her perspective on life, and her desire to lead a bigger, more beautiful life.

Supplemental Information: To inquire about reading the full script of WANDA, DAISY AND THE GREAT RAPTURE, contact Alexis directly at aschaetzle6@gmail.com.


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