WAAFRIKA 123 - The Rape - Bobby [EXPLICIT]

El Cerrito, California


Meet Awino; s/he is he is non-binary is unbeliever of gender

Meet Bobby who is a Peace Corps volunteer

They fall in love---


in 1992 Kenya, Awino and Bobby do not exist


Time: 1992                            

Situation: It's 1992 Kenya. In a small rural village located some 250 kilometers northwest of the capital Nairobi, AWINO, a trans queer from the Luo tribe, and BOBBY, an American queer formerly with the Peace Corps, fall in love. But queers don't exist, not in Kenya, and especially not in their small rural village known as Luoland. During the course of this full-length play, the queer couple's resilience is fortified, but not without facing tall obstacles, one of which includes BOBBY's rape...

Subject Matter: Rape, Rape Culture, Toxic Masculinity, Kenya, Violence, Pain, Resurrection, Resilience, Body Autonomy, Identity, Gender Fluidity

Note from Playwright: BOBBY’s emotional and tonal range is that of someone feminine, delicate, and sensitive but tough; sarcastic but loving. Her toughness should not be underestimated.

At this point in the play, BOBBY has separated from her queer Kenyan trans lover AWINO. BOBBY will eventually come face-to-face with AWINO's lived pain. To prepare BOBBY for a lived pain outside the theoretical and philosophical realm and language of queerness, BOBBY lives through and with a pain all her own: rape. Like her partner AWINO's pain, BOBBY's pain is sacrificial; like AWINO's pain, BOBBY's searches for a language within the silences and the unspoken; within queerness; it is pain that is vital to preserving their complex and bigoted relationship, or so they believe. But--and this is the importance of this moment--pain is neither transferable nor equal and so this lived experience, while important, doesn't serve as bridge to cope with what happens to AWINO later on in the play.

Supplemental Information: The full script WAAFRIKA 123 is available on Amazon.


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    Full-Length Play, Play w/Music
  • Character Age
    Young Adult (18-21), Adult 20-30, Adult 30-40, Adult 40-50
  • Character Gender Ident./Sexual Orient.
    Bisexual, Female, Lesbian, Non-Binary, Queer
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    African/African American, Multiracial
  • Genre
    Drama, Tragedy, Play w/Music
  • Period
  • Length
    2 min +
  • Writer Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation
  • Writer Ethnicity
    African/African American
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