Victoria Z. Daly


Victoria Z. Daly's plays include DOPPELGÄNGER, THE SAM PLAY, DEMETER AND POLLY, INVISIBLE, FAR NORTH, ON THE CROSS BRONX, CIRCLING THE GLOBE, RAW, AND ROCKAWAY PARK. Her work has been featured at the Actors Studio, the Last Frontier Theatre Conference, the ATHE Conference, the Gi60 Festival (NYC and UK,) the Warner International Playwrights Festival, the Alliance for Jewish Theatre, the Berrie Center, Spokane’s KPBX-FM (NPR,) the 1:One UAE Theatre Fest (Dubai,) and the Edinburgh Festival, among other venues.

Vicki is a Faculty Member in the Plays in Progress program at the Dramatists Guild Institute, the educational arm of the Dramatists Guild of America, where she works with Guild members to develop their new plays.

She is the Founder and Director of The 9th Floor, a collaborative of writers and actors in New York City, currently in its eleventh season. Plays and screenplays workshopped at The 9th Floor have gone on to receive hundreds of regional and festival productions, publications, residencies and awards.

Vicki has taught playwriting (specializing in drama bootcamps) in New York City, Tennessee, and Connecticut for such organizations as Stephen Sondheim's Young Playwrights, Inc., the Fly Arts Center, Litchfield Performing Arts, and her own The Write Stuff! programs. A former physical actor, she also taught and performed commedia dell'arte, clown and mask work in Paris, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and in New York City.

As a television producer, script consultant, and executive, she has worked for entertainment and media organizations including Lifetime Cable Television, Warner Brothers, and the American Broadcasting Companies. Her journalism has been published in national magazines including Glamour, Health, and Portfolio.

Education: MFA in Dramatic Writing, NYU/Tisch School of the Arts; Certificat d'Etudes in Theater, L’Ecole Jacques Lecoq, Paris; A.B. and M.B.A., Harvard. Member, Dramatists Guild of America; Actors Studio Playwrights and Directors Workshop; Playwrights' Center of Minneapolis; International Centre for Women Playwrights.



I want to know if humans can connect with each other — and if so, how. My characters reach across voids, even when sitting side by side, but they often remain disastrously miles apart.

I love the sweet spot where funny meets awful. As a performer trained in clown and commedia dell'arte at the Lecoq School in Paris, I see writing as a physical act. My characters move though the space, resonate energy, and take big, messy -- misguided -- actions.

I write (mostly) about women. What is it to be female: spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially?

I do it theatrically. My characters’ points-of-view express themselves not just in dialogue but also in sound, light, space, scenic design, and time. Characters (confused or in grief) turn refrigerators into time portals or roofs from which to jump. Dead people and ex-lovers show up, even though they're lost to the loved one forever. A chicken becomes a lethal bomb. The souls of dead girls, not yet settled in the Underworld, hover over the River Styx. The characters try to keep themselves safe, but that’s the most dangerous thing of all. Their only salvation, it seems, is to make a connection — even if fleeting or uncertain — and then, if need be, let go.







A full list of plays is available on the Writer’s website and her New Play Exchange page


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Victoria Z. Daly

Phyllis reveals a secret about one of her children -- and how it has forever changed her marriage.

Victoria Z. Daly

As urbane Phyllis speaks into a cell phone camera, giving advice to a newborn baby, her proper veneer cracks and a long-held secret slips out.

Victoria Z. Daly

A new mother tries to convince her baby that she's even got a clue about how to take care of her.