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An historical play, inspired by a Diego Rivera mural called "La Maestra Rural" (The Rural Schoolteacher), TIERRA is set in the 1920s directly after the conclusion of the Mexican Revolution.  Luz Jimenez, a young, innocent and idealistic teacher is sent into the interior of Mexico by the newly-installed government to educate the peasants and help them re-possess the lands promised to them by government reforms. As her efforts threaten the status quo, she becomes the object of desire by one rich man and one poor. The stakes get higher, and Luz ends up having to make a tough choice.


Time: 1920’s                                  

Situation: After the Mexican Revolution in 1920, young women were sent as ambassadors and teachers into the interior of the land to educate and empower the peasants in reclaiming their ancestral lands, which threatened the wealthy landowners.  Luz introduces herself to the village and starts the first class.

Subject Matter: History, Mexico, Land Rights, Education, Courage, Diego Rivera, Art

Note from Playwright: When I saw a mural in Mexico City by Diego Rivera called, "La Maestra Rural" (the Country Teacher), I immediately began to think about a play based on the central character in the piece, ironically, also named Luz.

Supplemental Information: To see an image of “La Maestra Rural”  by Diego Rivera, which was the primary inspiration for TIERRA, visit http://utw10658.utweb.utexas.edu/items/show/2653.

To inquire about reading the full script of TIERRA, contact Alfonso directly at alfieram@gmail.com.


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