THEY/THEM - "Righting" Wrong - Mom

El Cerrito, California


Time: Contemporary                                

Situation: SAM, who is AFAB (=assigned female at birth) but self-identifies as non-binary queer POC (=person of color) (pronouns are ‘they-them’), returns home after two weeks away without telling anyone where. When SAM returns home, MOM is waiting to set the record straight on who runs the house and SAM's life.

Subject Matter: Fear, Anger, Desperation, Shame, Confusion, Brutality, Mother, Parent/Child Relationship, Racism, Prejudice, History, Blackness, Queerness

Note from Playwright: Inspiration = the ability for queerness to reveal the lies told to us from birth. And queerness does this instantly; by stepping into the room.

Trans femmes and womyn are more than welcome to play the role.

Supplemental Information: To read the full script THEY/THEM, contact the writer directly at


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  • Source
    Full-Length Play
  • Character Age
    Adult 20-30, Adult 30-40, Adult 40-50, Adult 50-60
  • Character Gender Ident./Sexual Orient.
    Female, Heterosexual, Transgender, Lesbian
  • Character Ethnicity
    African/African American, Caribbean, Multiracial, Other
  • Genre
    Queer Theatre, Tragedy, Drama, Comedic Drama
  • Period
  • Length
    2 min +
  • Writer Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation
  • Writer Ethnicity
    African/African American
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