THE FRENCHY BERNADONE SHOW: A Play About Francis of Assissi

Lawrence, Kansas


Using the up-beat personality of his younger years when he was known as Frenchy Bernadone, Saint Francis of Assisi beguiles, coaxes, and charms his audience into a moral vision for the contemporary world--a vision that is both religious and secular. Frenchy is thoroughly human without any of the stereotypic characteristics that are often used in the portrayal of saints and other spiritual figures.

Subject Matter: Love, Revolution, Social Activism, Christianity, St. Francis of Assisi, Spirituality

Note from the Playwright: I wrote this play, partially in response to the new pope, Francis, and his Franciscan vision of human community--a vision that is both festive and based on ethical responsibility. The piece is utopian but confronts the human condition head-on without sentimentality.

Frenchy Bernadone was the nickname given to Saint Francis of Assisi by his parents. I chose this name to emphasize the humanity of the character, which includes his own uncertainties along with his sense of social justice.


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