THE DEBASERS - I Don't Trust Myself - Clyde

Author Eric Moore
Houston, Texas


Indie-punk band, The Debasers, are getting ready to play their first major show in their hometown of Dallas, Texas. However, the bandmates are all at their wits end after spending months crammed together in the back of a van on their first cross-country tour. When their lead guitarist, Clyde, disappears on a drug- and alcohol-fueled bender, the band is forced to make a tough decision about their future. This play explores addiction, co-dependence, and music as these twenty-somethings fight for their chance at fame and validation.


Time: Contemporary                                

Situation: Clyde is a recovering addict who was kicked out of the band he helped start for getting high and disappearing before one of their most important shows. Now a couple years passed, he's back from rehab, and his former bandmates asked if he wants to play with them again. He's not sure he's ready and in a private moment with Heather, the lead singer and his lover, he reveals just how fragile he is.

Subject Matter: Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Self-Worth, Self-Care, Music, Band, Fear, Recovery, Codependence

Note from Playwright: While writing this play I was really interested in exploring how contemporary twenty-somethings find themselves in codependent relationships, and the cyclical nature of toxic behavior. I think Clyde is almost entirely codependent on Heather for his recovery. So it's really not healthy.

This play was developed at The University of Houston, and it received a workshop production there in the fall of 2018. It also won the Edward Albee Playwriting Award which was bestowed by Theresa Rebeck.

Supplemental Information: To read the full-length play THE DEBASERS, visit Eric’s New Play Exchange page.


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