THE BOOK OF MAGGIE - Not Real - Maggie

Houston, Texas


THE BOOK OF MAGGIE  is a dark comedy in which Judas Iscariot, and Pontius Pilate, whiling away their days in the afterlife, are tasked by St. Peter with a chance at redemption. Judas is charged with the task of saving a suicidal young woman named Maggie. Pilate is asked to take a mysterious woman named Joan on a near-death experience through hell. Things don't go smoothly for anyone, and as the plot unfurls, it becomes clear that there's some grander scheme in the works that goes beyond what any of these characters signed on for.


Time: Timeless Present  

Situation:  Attempting to forget the emotional pain of a recent miscarriage, Maggie binge watches a TV cop drama. The unexpected demise of the show’s main character shakes Maggie out of her shocked numbness and leads her to a rather brutal epiphany about God.

Subject Matter: Miscarriage, Shock, Creation, Destruction, God, Christianity

Supplemental Information:  The full script of THE BOOK OF MAGGIE  is available to read on

THE BOOK OF MAGGIE  was produced by Stages Repertory Theatre in Houston, Texas and Death and Pretzels Theatre Company in Chicago, Illinois.


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