Take a Chance! - Mary

New York, New York

Time: Contemporary                                

Situation: Every Saturday night Mary goes to the Union Hall social to hopefully meet someone. But like most Saturdays, she's sitting alone, lonely. She sees a man whom she instantly likes, but he's hanging out with his friends, barely noticing her. In this "inner monologue" we learn what's going through Mary's head as she sits there, lonely, but still hopeful.

Subject Matter: Loneliness, Small Town, Inner Thoughts, Romance, Hope, Impatience, Waiting

Note from Playwright: So many playwrights that I admire, especially Tennessee Williams and Eugene O'Neil, deal with how loneliness impacts on our lives. It's a feeling we all have at one time or another. I was at party a while ago and noticed a woman sitting by herself in a corner. She seemed shy, lonely. I said hello and we talked a while. She was really very lovely, very sweet. She was the impetus for my writing this monologue. Her name was Mary.

This monologue was originally published in From Best Monologues For All Auditions (And How To Prepare For It!) by Smith and Kraus.


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