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Sharon Goldner is a playwright who likes to perpetuate the notion that crazy is just a frame of mind. Her writing goal is to make audiences laugh at things they feel guilty for laughing at because she thinks humor helps break down barriers, enabling honest discussion. Sharon’s award-winning plays have been performed numerous times in theaters Off Broadway, and in Baltimore, FL, CA, MN, AZ, as well as in PA, WI, VA, OH, TX, LA, AR, MO, MI and MA. She is a 2014 Fellowship Recipient with Newfoundland’s SheSaidYes! Theatre, a 2017 Midwest Dramatist Conference playwright, a 2018 Resident Teaching Artist with Chesapeake Arts Center, and a member of The Dramatists Guild. Her award-winning short stories have been published in literary journals all over the U.S.A, and in England, and she is a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee. Sharon assures audiences that no letters of the alphabet have ever been harmed in the creation of her work.



Most of my work is humor based. As stated in my bio, I believe that humor breaks down barriers, enabling honest discussion. I typically play the "what if" game in my writing, the one a lot of us played in childhood with simple questions: "what if there were no clocks?"; "what if all of a sudden gravity ceased to exist?"; "what if chocolate was good for us & broccoli was bad?"  Of course, the what if's change once we become adults, and they are more challenging and bizarre.  That's what I like to delve into as a playwright ... the things we all think but do not dare say out loud.  I say it out loud; that is, I write it for actors to say out loud on my behalf. I don't think that's cowardice on my part; I'm just a lousy actor!





A list of Sharon’s plays can be found at the New Play Exchange:


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Sharon Goldner

A Black man remembers his youth when he asked his mother why his sister had a White baby doll.