RAVENOUS - Wolf - Cian

Los Angeles, California


Adri’s come home for her gun and Cian just wants to be left alone. And both of them know that without a gun they surely will die. Set in Post-World War II Italy, RAVENOUS examines what it means to be hungry and what we will do to become satisfied.


Time: Now, More or Less                           

Situation: Regarding CIAN, it is the sadness in his eyes and his swift grin that makes you stand at his door. Old, but not too old. Almost.  CIAN, a former soldier, is still tormented by what he had to do during the war. CIAN explains to ADRI his experience in the war and how he took up residence in the cabin that used to belong to her betrothed and his family, The Severas. CIAN is still dangerous, but his brutality is fading a bit.

Subject Matter: War, Hunger, Danger, Torment, Truth

Note from Playwright: This play takes place loosely around events of a post-WWII Italy. That said, wars happen many, many places. This story could take place there, too. Regardless of place, the playwright strongly advocates for prioritizing a diverse stage over a historically accurate one. This play is not about historical accuracy. This play is about being human and about being hungry.

Supplemental Information: In 2019, RAVENOUS was a Finalist at The O’Neil, a Semi-Finalist for the Princess Grace Award and the Bay Area Playwrights’ Festival. It also received a Staged Reading at Kitchen Dog’s New Works Festival in Dallas.

To read the full script of RAVENOUS, visit Daria’s New Play Exchange page.


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