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Rae Binstock grew up in Cambridge, MA. She earned her B.A. from Columbia University, where she was mentored by David Henry Hwang and Ellen McLaughlin. Her plays include land of no mercy (David Ross Fetzer Foundation Theatre Grant, 2017 winner), POSE (O’Neill Conference semifinalist)and We Are The Light of the World (Red Theater’s National Playwriting Competition, 2016 winner). Her plays have been produced and developed at The Lark Development Center, Public Arts Reading Series, Salt Lake Acting Company, West of 10th Theater Company, The Hearth Theater, The Fresh Fruit Festival, The Tribe Theatre, Crashbox Theater Company, Pride Films & Plays, Stella Adler’s Playwrights Division, and New Perspective Theatre Company.

Rae is a 2018-2019 Dramatists Guild Fellow, a 2017-18 Rita Goldberg Playwrights Workshop Fellow at The LarkPlay Development Center, and the 2018 Emerging Artist Fellow in Dramatic Writing with the Lighthouse Writers Workshop. She has been awarded residencies by the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center, the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico, and PLAYA Summer Lake; she is also a contributing writer at Slate.com, the creator of the fiction podcast Tapes From Jane Street, and an O’Neill Conference, SPACE at Ryder Farm, Bay Area Playwrights Festival, and ATHE Judith Royer Award of Excellence in Playwriting semifinalist. Most recently, Rae was a Writers’ Assistant on FX Networks’ upcoming miniseries about choreographer Bob Fosse. Rae lives in Brooklyn, NY, with her cat, Black Cat.



As a playwright, I find myself chiefly concerned with the obvious that nobody wants to state. Systems of oppression that have taken root and flourished throughout history are still embedded in our culture, while violence and brutality have become frighteningly familiar; yet in the face of all this, we passively accept the worst of human enterprise as an element of everyday life, what Roland Barthes referred to as the “What-Goes-Without-Saying”. My role is to say it: I want to create plays that scream our public secrets, that toss dirty laundry into the air and run naked in the streets, that are as furiously joyful as they are painfully honest.

There are two sides to this endeavor of mine. One side is purposefully loud, radical, and extravagant (much like myself), but the other requires quiet and intimacy. The vast majority of plays, no matter how epic, deal with the relationships between individuals: I do the same in my work, but it is important to me that these relationships reflect the effects and particularities of race, gender, sexuality, class, and all other social divisions. Especially in America, every relationship is colored by distinct identities coming into contrast, and the only way to learn how to navigate these identities peacefully and respectfully is to be honest about them. Now more than ever, artists are responsible for shaping possibilities and presenting them to society, in the hopes that a vision of what could be better—what should be better—can have a nudging, persistent effect on the world around them.






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Daughters of the American Evolution
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For a Full List of Rae's plays, visit the New Play Exchange: https://newplayexchange.org/users/4145/rae-binstock


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Rae Binstock

Perspective on the founding of America--from someone who was founded on.

Rae Binstock

A defense of the Civil War from a Southern perspective--more sadness and delusion than glory and grandeur.

Rae Binstock

A reminder of all the time, energy, and blood that went into making change in the 20th century...and needs to go into change now.

Rae Binstock

A not-so-subtle lesbian diatribe against intolerance, New York, and Hillary Clinton.

Rae Binstock

A defense of Hillary Clinton, unpopular choices, and the desperation to progress.

Rae Binstock

Fond memories and hard times for Mexican-Americans in the midst of the Great Depression.