PLAYS include Full Length Plays, One-Act Plays, Ten-Minute Plays and Extended Versions of Monologues. They are PERUSAL COPIES and can be read on-screen only. 

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Dale Griffiths Stamos

A 67 yr old widower runs away to a casino hotel for his birthday, even though he knows his family has planned a party. His 2 grown sons come to find out why and discover Dad needs a lot more for his birthday than a nice pair of pants picked out by one of their wives.

Dale Griffiths Stamos

18 yr old Tracy tries to understand her feelings about a boy in Confession.

Dale Griffiths Stamos

Rather than die a slow death in the graveyard shift of formulaic radio, legendary 60’s DJ Jay Jarrell declares freedom and ends his career on his own terms.

Marco Antonio Rodriguez

A Dominican man, living in New York with his two sons, is forced to confront his mortality and the dark secrets that have plagued his family for generations.

Melanie Payne

Maud and Edna go head to head over who has the final say in Floyd's burial--the sister or the wife. 

Gina Femia

Forgiving when you cannot bring yourself to forget...

Chloë Whitehorn

A woman recounts her romantic history and views on relationships as she decides how to respond to a marriage proposal.

Jack Feldstein

As 18-year-old Corey pursues his dream of becoming a famous YouTuber in Los Angeles, he discovers that pursuing your dream comes with its own set of problems.

Fonde Taylor

A blue-collar man and blue-blood lady go to war until a mysterious stranger intervenes.

Items: 19 of 42, per page
  Source Title Author Description Free sample
Diana Burbano

A young Latina finds her inner superhero.

Mercedes White

Homelessness does not determine worth or character.

Diana Howie

Despite a disastrous night last night, Carmen applies her morning’s make-up, readying herself to be noticed.

Jonathan Goldberg

A husband and wife want to spend their anniversary together in a cabin in the woods but old ghosts and secrets keep haunting them.

Glenn Alterman

After their time together at a Bus Stop, Telly and Ted are no longer strangers to each other.

Josiah Thomas Turner

What will we do when we think no one is watching?