PLAYS include Full Length Plays, One-Act Plays, Ten-Minute Plays and Extended Versions of Monologues. They are PERUSAL COPIES and can be read on-screen only. 

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Melanie Payne

Maud and Edna go head to head over who has the final say in Floyd's burial--the sister or the wife. 

Marco Antonio Rodriguez

A Dominican man, living in New York with his two sons, is forced to confront his mortality and the dark secrets that have plagued his family for generations.

Victoria Z. Daly

As urbane Phyllis speaks into a cell phone camera, giving advice to a newborn baby, her proper veneer cracks and a long-held secret slips out.

Brendan Bourque-Sheil

Judas Iscariot and Pontius Pilate, afterlife frenemies in the eternal Inferno, are offered redemption if they can teach a suicidal woman the value of life—before the whole world goes to Hell.

Deb Victoroff

A soldier in Afghanistan tells the story of his friendship with a young Afghani.

Brendan Bourque-Sheil

Parker tries to convince podcast host (and old friend) Alex to feature his elaborate conspiracy theory about Hurricane Harvey on her show.

S. Denise O'Neal

The lives of strangers can be intertwined in ways we do not imagine.

Nelson Diaz-Marcano

Pedro hikes to the top of a rainforest to ask an Extraterrestrial being for a favor.

Andrew Kooman

Three monologues taken from real-life accounts of human trafficking survivors in India who experience great suffering and eventual empowerment.

Items: 3745 of 47, per page
  Source Title Author Description Free sample
Diana Burbano

A young Latina finds her inner superhero.

Gina Femia

Forgiving when you cannot bring yourself to forget...

Diana Howie

Despite a disastrous night last night, Carmen applies her morning’s make-up, readying herself to be noticed.

Michael Walker

A woman describes the horror she is left with many years after her rape.

Mercedes White

Homelessness does not determine worth or character.

Christopher Grosso

Father Simms is a young, good looking priest, living in Philadelphia. He’s also a liar.