PLAYS include Full Length Plays, One-Act Plays, Ten-Minute Plays and Extended Versions of Monologues. They are PERUSAL COPIES and can be read on-screen only. 

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Diana Howie

Despite a disastrous night last night, Carmen applies her morning’s make-up, readying herself to be noticed.

Diana Howie

A "spirit" of George Washington speaks of his best Christmas ever.

Diana Burbano

A young Latina finds her inner superhero.

Ellen Birkett Morris

Allison reflects on her own challenges and remembers an abducted local girl.

Gwen Flager

Plans unravel and secrets are revealed before a bus is burned in Alabama.

Diana Howie

Susanna, daughter of William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway, is a truth seeker and protector of her father`s legacy.

Christopher Grosso

Father Simms is a young, good looking priest, living in Philadelphia. He’s also a liar.

Michael Walker

A woman describes the horror she is left with many years after her rape.

Scott Mullen

An airport barista is curious about why she sees the same guy get on a plane every day, and finally asks him why.

Items: 19 of 21, per page