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Paul Donnelly is newly based in Honolulu, having spent eight years in Atlanta and most of his life around Washington DC.  His work has won the Source Theatre Company National 10-Minute Play Contest, the Larry Neal Writers Award for Drama, and the Virginia Playwriting Prize, and twice been nominated for a Helen Hayes Award.  He has had pieces in the 2015-2017 Atlanta One-Minute Play Festivals and readings in Working Title Playwrights’ First Light series and the Bare Essentials Reading series. He is a member of the Dramatist Guild, the Klunch, the New Play Exchange, the Playwrights’ Center, and Working Title Playwrights.



My sense of my role as an artist has evolved over time.  It has expanded to include more varied perspectives as the form and intent, as well as the content, of my work has been informed by accrued life experience.  I very deliberately say “expanded” and not “changed.”  I have not abandoned my initial impulses, I have built upon and widened them. Earlier in my development as a playwright, I would have said that I simply tell stories as characters bring them to me.  While my work is still very much character and narrative driven, I am more aware of both my power and my responsibility as an interpreter.  I now feel much more of a responsibility to shape stories in ways that take account of the world in which I am creating as well as of the world that is being created in my work.







Full Length
    MEMORIAL DAY (new)
    FALLING OFF THE EDGE (website)
    THE TASTE OF FIRE (website)

One Act
    CAREFUL NOW (website)
    CUPID AGONISTES (website)


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Paul Donnelly

A young widow reflects on how her late husband dealt with the most significant loss in his life.

Paul Donnelly

A mistaken floral delivery helps a woman escape a stultifying marriage.

Paul Donnelly

The drowning of her gay ex-husband leads Monica to reflect on her three marriages.

Paul Donnelly

A nurse is riding a high with her bi-polar husband and attempting to put aside the memories and the lessons of his harrowing lows.

Paul Donnelly

A young man reacts to his boyfriend's rejection of his marriage proposal.

Paul Donnelly

A bi-polar husband faces the effect of a failed suicide attempt on his wife.