Author Hope Lindsay
South Burlington, Vermont


Time: Pre-Contemporary, Contemporary                                

Situation: Patricia Highsmith was a prolific writer who near the end of her life became severely alcoholic. Her political outlooks changed from liberal to right wing and back, possibly as a defense against the McCarthy era. I am taking liberty, but I imagined that she was a bold and sometimes brassy, beautiful young woman, who despite being in the vanguard in so many ways, may not have had the courage of her convictions. She suffered rejection, isolation and ignominy which expressed itself in the psychology of her characters. Almost certainly in today’s LGBTQ parlance, she would have been transgendered.

Subject Matter: Biography, Controversy, Mother-Daughter Relationship, Lesbianism, Transgenderism, Socio-political Ostracism, Love, Sex, Lust

Note from Playwright: Sometimes I wonder if I am channeling Patricia Highsmith, the author best known for her chilling suspense novels and the lesbian love story which became the film, Carol. Our childhoods were so similar, despite decades between us, that I felt I was a sister in the spirit of her rebellion. I discovered her only a few years ago; since then I’ve read two lengthy biographies about her. I took notes, which became this fictional monologue.

Supplemental Information:
Biographies of Patricia Highsmith used for creating this history are: The Talented Miss Highsmith by Joan Schenkar and Beautiful Shadow, The Life of Patricia Highsmith by Andrew Wilson. Both books contain photos.


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  • Source
    Stand-Alone Monologue, Ten-Minute Play
  • Character Age
  • Character Gender Ident./Sexual Orient.
    Bisexual, Female, Lesbian, Transgender
  • Character Ethnicity
    Multiracial, White
  • Character Special Traits
    Accent, Tantalizing Young Woman, Masculinized Artiste
  • Genre
    Adaptation, Literary, Drama, Play w/Music, Solo Play
  • Period
    Pre-Contemporary, Contemporary
  • Length
    2 min +
  • Writer Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation
    Female, LGBTPQQIA/Non-Binary
  • Writer Ethnicity
    White, Native American
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