Paint - Paul

New York, New York


Time: Contemporary                       

Situation: Paul’s mother has died. He has taken care of her his whole life. But now that she's dead he can finally do the one thing that he's always wanted to do--- paint. It was a silent obsession. He goes out, buys all the equipment and goes all out painting, painting, PAINTING!

Subject Matter: Repression, Obsession, Painting, Freedom, Expression, Joy, Grief

Note from Playwright: Being an actor and writer, I was always fascinated by the absolute euphoria some artists feel when they get to do their art. Whether they're poets or actors or artists of any kind, it doesn't matter. Expressing oneself fully is one of the great pleasures in life. I met some relatively famous artists back in the 80's and I remember we shared similar stories of how freeing art can be. Those talks have always stuck with me and were the inspiration for this monologue. 

This monologue was originally published in 101 Original One-Minute Monologues, Volume 3 by Smith and Kraus.


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