Phoenixville, PA


Time: Contemporary

Situation: When a stigmatic receives the wounds of Christ, the wounds are accompanied by the smell of roses, known as the Odor of Sanctity. Father Simms is a young, good looking priest, living in Philadelphia. He’s also a liar, who with the help of his conniving sister has given himself Christ-like wounds that he claims is the stigmata given miraculously by God. When the Vatican sends to the scene a reporter and no-nonsense Cardinal who is all too eager to publicize and capitalize on this young, good looking stigmatic, a true miracle occurs that upends all their plans and shakes their lives to the core. Just as their world is reeling out of control, the miraculous slaps them again, leaving them wondering about good and evil and what really are the Church and its God.

Subject Matter: Identity, Faith, Deceit, Culture, God, Miracles, Media, Truth, Justice 

Note from the Playwright:

One of the biggest questions of the modern world is, ‘What replaces God in our secular age?’ When post-enlightenment thinking eliminated faith in the omnipotent, what fills that void? The characters in this play live that question each day, and each has a different answer—as do many in contemporary Western culture. This play tackles these questions, along with the role of church in people’s lives, the power of the media, the power of the image, and the ability to recognize miracles. This powerful story includes deceit, redemption, miracles, and cons, all the while asking if sin can be used to inspire faith?


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