Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko


Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko was raised mostly in East and Central Africa and lives in the United States. Nick is trans, queer, nb, etc. Nick is currently a nominated member of the nationally-accredited Playwright Foundations' RPI, Resident Playwright Initiative. Nick was a member of The Public Theater's (New York City) Emerging Writers' Group (EWG), Crowded Fire Writers' Lab (San Francisco), and countless other residencies. Nick has also dramaturged for the National Conservatory Theater Center (San Francisco). Nick graduated Magna Cum Laude from Columbia University (B.A.) and was a Point Scholar during his entire MFA at Columbia University. Nick's award-winning plays include WAAFRIKA, WAAFRIKA 1-2-3, THEY/THEM/THEIR, QUEERLY BELOVED, ASYEMMETRICAL WE, GAYZE, BLUEPRINT FOR A LESBIAN PLANET, BROTHERLY LOVE, TRAILER PARK TUNDRA, ONCE A MAN ALWAYS A MAN, MAMA AFRIKA, QUEERING MACBETH, LIFE IS ABOUT THE KILL, HOMELESS IN THE AFTERLIFE, ATA, 37, S.T.A.R: MARSHA P. JOHNSON, JIZZ, PENCE AT THE BORDER, and others. Nick's plays have been produced in New York City, New Jersey, Florida, Berkeley, San Francisco, Wisconsin, Twin Cities, Paris (France), South Africa, Manchester (UK), Italy and other countries.







For a full list of plays, visit Nick’s New Play Exchange page.


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Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko

MOM sets the record straight for queer, non-binary SAM....

Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko

Bobby is still resilient, even after her horrific rape in 1992 Kenya.