Nelson Diaz-Marcano


Nelson Diaz-Marcano is a Puerto Rican playwright based in New York City. He graduated from Stony Brook University with a degree in Cinema and Cultural Studies, and studied Playwriting under the late Professor Jonathan Levy’s mentorship.

Nelson’s plays have been developed by Milagro Theatre, the William Inge Theatre Festival, Wordsmyth, Classical Theatre of Harlem, and The Parsnip Ship among others. His work has received awards from the Samuel French OOB Festival (RABIOSA, now published by Samuel French,) the Fresh Fruit Festival (THE DIPLOMATS, now published by OWP) and the Downtown Urban Arts Festival (RADICAL.)

Other recent credits include: PAPER TOWELS (Intar,) I SAW JESUS IN TOA BAJA (William Inge Theatre Festival,) WORLD CLASSIC (Ingenio Milagro 2018, The Parsnip Ship,) REVOLT (World Premiere - Vision Latino Theatre Company,) EL YUNQUE IN ENGLISH (Citi Theatre Shorts Finalist,) INTO THE RIVER I WENT and MAMI’S HOUSE (Step 1 Theatre Project) and PRISON SONG (Downtown Urban Arts Festival 2013,Midtown International Theatre Festival 2012) and SWEATING BULLETS (MTC reading, Ophelia Theatre Company Workshop, Thespis Theatre Festival.) 

Nelson has been interviewed by the Mantle Thoughts magazine and the 50 Playwrights Project among others.



My main artistic mission is to raise awareness about the contrasting cultures that form the communities of this nation and in doing so, explore how they all fit together in the American experiment.







To see a full list of Nelson’s plays, visit his New Play Exchange page.


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Nelson Diaz-Marcano

At the top of the Puerto Rican rainforest, Pedro pleads with an extra-terrestrial being to help restore power to their island.

Nelson Diaz-Marcano

Pedro hikes to the top of a rainforest to ask an Extraterrestrial being for a favor.

Nelson Diaz-Marcano

Dynamic Roberta, master of the art of tough love, rouses her community for the day as she serves them breakfast.

Nelson Diaz-Marcano

Mr. Beats grieves for their spirited, seemingly indestructible sister.

Nelson Diaz-Marcano

Chip, leader of a White Supremacist motorcycle gang, pledges revenge against one of his former “brothers.”

Nelson Diaz-Marcano

Welcome to the last free place in America!