MY BIRTHDAY PARTY - Sweet Ass Mummy - W

Author Wei He
Shenzhen, China


Time: Contemporary                                

Situation: W has just lost her best friend Jack who died in a fight at a bar, and she is in deep grief. As she waits in her living room for her husband Hamilton to arrive for her midnight birthday party, she dissects her relationship with Jack and realizes that Jack is the one she loves and she probably needs a divorce.

Subject Matter: Memory, Relationships, Marriage, Friendship, Love, Birthday

Note from Playwright: I remembered clearly that I got the idea for this play on January 29th, 2014. It was my twenty-sixth birthday. Twenty-six felt like a threshold age to me. I suddenly became very sensitive to aging. It felt like I wasn’t young any more. I started freaking out. Then I decided to write this play, which was the birthday gift I gave myself. At her thirty-sixth birthday party, the protagonist of the play looks back on her first encounter with her husband and her friendship with Jack when she was twenty-six. The story covers her relationship with her husband and Jack over ten years. It’s the ten years I haven’t lived yet. I was trying to create a character who finally had the courage to look life in the face, so she could be my guide on my journey in the next ten years.

Supplemental Information: The play was the winner of Against the Grain Theater Festival Playwriting Competition (Buffalo, NY) and received a staged reading in August, 2015. It was also published by Proscenium Magazine, and the editor did an interview about the play. Here is the link to the interview:


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