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Fonde Taylor

Bill, a middle-aged working man dreams of the most beautiful place in the world.

Neil McGowan

In the 22nd Century, an aging man confronts his longtime wife with the truth about which of her many bodies he appreciated the most.

Neil McGowan

A 22nd Century wife (in a man's body) attempts to convince her husband to accept her plan for their family.

Steven Hayet

A reality TV  show chef defends his/her strategy to make a frequently attempted and frequently failed dish.

Victoria Z. Daly

A new mother tries to convince her baby that she's even got a clue about how to take care of her.

Tami Canaday

An Asian American woman contemplates what it's like to be half white and half Asian.

Eric Christopher Jones

A wife catches her husband in a compromising situation and confronts him.

Vivian C. Lermond

A woman flying solo at a neighborhood pub discovers that Cupid can work his magic in unexpected ways.

Vivian C. Lermond

Dinner time can spell disaster when one little miss decides she doesn't like the meal on the menu.

Items: 352360 of 396, per page
  Source Title Author Description Free sample
Jelisa Jay Robinson

A young Multiracial woman gives her take on how her hair plays into her identity.

Jelisa Jay Robinson

An Afromexican woman shares her experiences navigating her culture.

Diana Burbano

La Linda talks about the special hell that is Middle School.

Daniel Guyton

A female prisoner lashes out at a security guard.

Carmen Peláez

No one messes with Juana!

Cynthia Arsenault

Sometimes holiday turkey cooking can be traumatic.