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Liam Kuhn

A tired, middle-aged man looks back on a terrible choice he once made.

Brandon Burris

Jedidiah, the patron saint of the working poor, is trying to help a fellow connect with his one true love.

Brandon Burris

Susanna successfully fought off an attempted rape and tells off those who paint her as weak.

Daniel Krug

A soldier is coming to terms with their pain from experiencing combat.

VB Leghorn

A bacteriologist passionately explains to her new boyfriend why she loves germs.

Rachel Bublitz

A shy Chief of Technology fights her CEO to avoid having to make an appearance in court.

Neil McGowan

Dee, dying of cancer in the 22nd Century, rejects her estranged parents' wish that she exchange her current body for a young, healthy one.

Gina Femia

Beth explains how one of her students accidentally set her on fire.

Rachel Bykowski

Aston tries to convince Lucky not to give up on her dreams.

Items: 343351 of 422, per page
  Source Title Author Description Free sample
Jelisa Jay Robinson

A young Multiracial woman gives her take on how her hair plays into her identity.

Jelisa Jay Robinson

An Afromexican woman shares her experiences navigating her culture.

Diana Burbano

La Linda talks about the special hell that is Middle School.

Carmen Peláez

No one messes with Juana!

Daniel Guyton

A female prisoner lashes out at a security guard.

Diana Burbano

A young Latina finds her inner superhero.