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Combining the magical realistic influences of Latin American literature with the Western genre popularized in the twentieth century, MISFIT, AMERICA  follows a diverse community led by an interracial couple as they are forced to protect a Native American teen from a brotherhood of supremacists. But before they can fight, they must become at peace with their past and learn to trust the future on each other. Living on the outskirts of the last free place in America, this band of misfits must prepare to give it all or run.


Time: Contemporary                                

Situation: Mr. Beats welcomes the audience to Slab City, an environmental wasteland and the last free place in America which provides a precariously safe haven for misfits of all kinds.

Subject Matter: Welcome, Diversity, Optimism, Misfits, Freedom, Spirituality, Neo-Western, Magical Realism, Intersectionality

Supplemental Information: To read the full script MISFIT, AMERICA: AN AMERICAN WESTERN WITH COLOR, visit Nelson’s New Play Exchange page. 


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  • Source
    Full-Length Play
  • Character Age
    Adult 30-40
  • Character Gender Ident./Sexual Orient.
    Non-Binary, Transgender, Queer, Other
  • Character Ethnicity
    African/African American, Latin@/x - Hispanic, Caribbean, Multiracial
  • Genre
    Drama, Adventure, Western, Imaginary Realism
  • Period
  • Length
    1 min or less
  • Writer Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation
  • Writer Ethnicity
    Latin@/x - Hispanic, Caribbean
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