Mercedes White


Mercedes White was born and raised in Chicago. She grew up in the vibrant Mexican American community of Pilsen. As a biracial child of both African American and Mexican descent she always knew she wanted to tell the stories of the people in her community whose voices are often never heard. She is an actress and playwright dedicated to inspiring change through theatre. She is a founding member of Definition Theatre Company and has written three full-length plays. GENESIS: A Prequel to a Raisin in the Sun  was produced by Definition in 2014. THE RIVER JORDAN  had a public reading at Steppenwolf Theatre. Also Gentrification sucks.



I believe in writing the stories of the people and for the people. I believe in telling the truth regardless of how much may hurt because only through watching the reality of what others go through can we truly begin to grow and find hope. In short, I write for humanity.



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Mercedes White

Why is it called “getting drunk” for the homeless, but “brunch” for everyone else?

Mercedes White

Young homeless man is drunk and begins dissecting the lessons he learned as a child and how they don't apply to reality.

Mercedes White

A daughter is comforting her mother by expressing her gratitude for all that she has done.

Mercedes White

Jasmine is attempting to lift her brothers spirits by reminding him who he is.

Mercedes White

A young woman remembers what it was like to have her father abandon the family.

Mercedes White

Young homeless man realizes it's his and his twin sister's birthday.

Mercedes White

A young African American homeless man addresses the men and women who continue to walk past him as if he is invisible.

Mercedes White

Young Homeless man reminisces about his family and his feelings towards his father.

Mercedes White

Homelessness does not determine worth or character.