MEMORIAL DAY - Three Husbands - Monica

Author Paul Donnelly
Honolulu, Hawaii


Time: Contemporary                                

Situation: MEMORIAL DAY explores the disorientation and despair of the early days of the AIDS crisis through the experience of a physician who has just participated in his first assisted suicide. By reflecting on her three marriages, Monica is preparing herself to tell her ex-husband's lover that George has drowned.

Subject Matter: Grief, Loss, Marriage, Divorce, Memory

Note from Playwright: While MEMORIAL DAY is deeply personal, it also aims to illuminate an historical moment in ways that inform the politics of the present. The first draft of this play was written over 20 years ago for the man who inspired the character of Terrence/Evelyn. When he died in January of 1995 I put away the play. I picked up MEMORIAL DAY with a renewed sense of urgency as an antidote to the paralyzing despair that overwhelmed me after November 9, 2017, and with a need to recall that my community and I had experienced horrors, had found resilience and had endured to emerge into better times.

Supplemental Information: To read the full script of MEMORIAL DAY, visit the Writer’s website:


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