Lindsay Partain


Lindsay Partain is an Oregon playwright, graduate of Pacific University, and a member of the Dramatists Guild. She is currently an editor for the online literary magazine Cascadia Rising Review, featuring works by Pacific Northwest artists. Recently her work has been produced by the John DeSotelle Studio ("Shimmers", "Dark Horse" & "Prayers in the Pines"), Five & Dime Drama Collective ("Until the Earth Breaks Open"), Stage Left Theatre in Washington ("Immortal Combat"), and was a finalist at the Midwest Dramatist Conference ("Last Dance with MJ"). Her play "Shimmers" was recently chosen for Smith&Krauss' Best 10-Minute Plays of 2019, and her monologues "Curves" and "Backfired" will be in their Best Female Monologues of 2019.







A full list of Lindsay’s plays is available on her website or on her New Play Exchange page:


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Lindsay Partain

Anna, a young high school student, tells her tragic story about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Lindsay Partain

Grinch bellies, self-esteem, women's only gyms, and a lack of self-control are just some of the forces driving Shayna.

Lindsay Partain

A note is left unattended and with no clear author or recipient.... do you open it?