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Inspired by the true story of the first modern pornographic publication, LET ME COUNT THE WAYS  follows a battle between the libertine poet Pietro Aretino and the pious bishop Gian Matteo Giberti over the mind, loins, and soul of Clement VII, the first post-Reformation pope. Also caught in the struggle between Aretino and Giberti is the fate of 16 sexually explicit prints (entitled ‘The Ways’) that will forever transform the history of print media.


Time: 1526                            

Situation: As a boy, Aretino was forced to work in the brothels of Rome. He has grown up to be a writer, satirist, libertine, one-man rumor-mill, and close friend of Pope Clement. The Pope, an old friend of Aretino’s, has banned relations with courtesans in Rome, which is threatening the livelihood of Aretino’s beloved Francesca. Aretino, fully understanding the hardship she could face, attempts to convince her that he has the power and persuasive skills to remedy her situation with the Pope.

Subject Matter: Gratitude, Persuasion, Power, Survival Skills, Ambition, Prostitution, Sexuality, Bisexuality, Homosexuality, Renaissance, Italy, 16thCentury, Catholic Church, Vatican

Note from Playwright: Actor has permission from Playwright to perform this scene as a monologue.

Supplemental Information: To gain more information about the full script LET ME COUNT THE WAYS: A SEXPIONAGE PLAY ON THE BIRTH OF MODERN PORNOGRAPHY, visit Martín’s New Play Exchange page. 


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  • Source
    Full-Length Play
  • Character Age
    Adult 20-30, Adult 30-40
  • Character Gender Ident./Sexual Orient.
    Male, Bisexual, Gay
  • Character Ethnicity
    White, European, Latin@/x - Hispanic
  • Genre
    Historical Drama, Dark Comedy, Docudrama, Biography, Period
  • Period
  • Length
    2 min or less
  • Writer Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation
  • Writer Ethnicity
    Latin@/x - Hispanic, White
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