Let Me Be Extreme

Fitchburg, Massachusetts


Time: Contemporary                                

Situation: Are only those who hate considered "extreme"? Or can we reclaim that word and apply it to acts of love, feats of courage? What if "being extreme" meant being the bravest, most fearless, most powerful self you can be?

Subject Matter: Love, Courage, Compassion

Note from Playwright: I was thinking about all the talk of "extremists" in the news and how we've come to think of such people in only a negative light. But then I thought of how extreme all my heroes have been—people who, like the inspiring "tank man" of Tiananmen Square, are extreme in their nonviolence, extreme in their gentleness, extreme in their conviction to always answer hate with love. To anyone who performs this piece, please know that hate is the realm of weaklings, while the strong are those who, most fully and most fearlessly, love.

Supplemental Information: http://100photos.time.com/photos/jeff-widener-tank-man


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