KOLYA One-Act Play

Author Fonde Taylor
Birmingham, Alabama


The artist Kolya sits like Buddha on the floor of his one room apartment staring at a blank canvas.  After three months of indolence and procrastination, he has only 48 hours to complete a $30,000 commission.  Meanwhile, the phone is ringing day and night and the answering machine is busy taking the calls --- an angry girlfriend, a furious gallery owner, two sisters, Mama, a bill collector, a share cropper calling from heaven singing an old spiritual, and the French theorist Claude Levi Strauss calling to deliver a lecture on reproduction. All are competing with the canvas for Kolya’s attention. The centered life that has been standing still is suddenly swirling in chaos.  In two days, the dialectic of Kolya’s existence will crash into something he never expected.

Time: 1979

Subject Matter: Art, Alcohol, Love, Desperation, Pressure, Passion, Anger, Loneliness

Note from the Playwright: I am an artist and writer. Over the years, I've had many commissioned pieces that weren't always delivered on time but the final outcome was almost always of great satisfaction to the person commissioning the piece. This play springs from some of that experience and some knowledge of the frustrations facing both the artist and the gallery owner.


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