Keisha Cosand


Keisha Cosand teaches literature, composition, and creative writing at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California.  She lives with her husband, two young daughters, and yellow lab, Numan.



I write to get the constant stream of stories out of my head. I love exploring the conflicts and psychology of all sorts of relationships, human nature, and society.






Advice from a Babysitter -

No Place Like Home -

House Rules

Family Dog -

Star Wars: The Discovery-


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Keisha Cosand

A teen girl explains why babysitting is hell on earth.

Keisha Cosand

An older child pretends their younger sibling is the dog.

Keisha Cosand

Exasperated ten-year-old is trying to grasp her parents rules surrounding technology.

Keisha Cosand

A young woman who decides she'd rather not grow up, returns home.

Keisha Cosand

A teenage girl is about to "hookup," but she has a mid-zip epiphany about real romance.