Juan Ramirez, Jr.


Juan Ramirez, Jr. is an internationally produced writer, actor and director. His work was produced with Dixon Place, IATI, INGENIO MILAGRO, HBMG Foundation, Broadway Bound Theatre Festival at the 14th Street Y, Secret Theatre, Downtown Urban Arts Festival at The Cherry Lane Theatre, Theatre Row, Short + Sweet International Festival in Sydney, Australia and Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Gi60 One-Minute Play Festival in Halifax, UK, Bronx Repertory Company, Manhattan Repertory Company and Raíces Theatre Company. His One-Minute play DAD & SON is published in One Minute Plays: A Practical Guide To Tiny Theatre, Routledge 2017. He is a Dramatist Guild member and received his MFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU Tisch.



I write about two kinds of characters. They are either larger than life characters that are facing relatable conflicts such as love and friendship or they are everyman characters forced to face larger than life obstacles. There is something fitting about seeing presidents and superheroes dealing with their love life or any of the various primitive emotions we have. Witnessing characters like people we know and root for them to overcome what may seem impossible is quite freeing. These are the characters that we learn from the most.

My mission as an artist is to create new stories about characters that tell the truth in the most beautiful of ways.









For more info, visit www.JuanRamirezJr.com.


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Juan Ramirez, Jr.

Federico explains what he would do if he won a hundred million dollars.

Juan Ramirez, Jr.

Allie puts a former classmate in their place after overhearing a remark.

Juan Ramirez, Jr.

A regretful father reminisces about how proud he is of his gay son.