Jack Feldstein


Jack Feldstein is a playwright and neon animation filmmaker. Originally from Australia and a graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in playwriting, he now lives in New York City. His playscripts A HOUSE LIKE ANY OTHER  and THREE MONTHS WITH POOK  have won prizes in NYC, Australia and in Britain, with the BBC International Radioplay Writing Competition. Jack's plays have been staged with productions in Australia, New York and all over the USA. Recently, UNE PARISIENNE IN NEW YORK  was mounted at Dixon Place, NYC and FALLING IN LOVE WITH MR. DELLAMORT  had a production at The Slipper Room, NYC. Jack was an artist member of the Workshop Theater in midtown Manhattan where he developed many of his plays.



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A full list of Jack’s plays can be found on his Wikipedia page:



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Jack Feldstein

YouTube sensation Corey is simultaneously excited and overwhelmed by his newfound online stardom as a vlogger.

Jack Feldstein

YouTube vlogger Corey is faced with technical difficulties that could derail his burgeoning stardom.

Jack Feldstein

In his second vlog, Corey shares his small success and the stark financial realities he faces in his pursuit of YouTube stardom.

Jack Feldstein

In his latest vlog, Corey details his parents traumatic surprise visit to his Chinatown apartment.

Jack Feldstein

In his first vlog, Corey explains how he has run away to Los Angeles to become a YouTube star.

Jack Feldstein

As 18-year-old Corey pursues his dream of becoming a famous YouTuber in Los Angeles, he discovers that pursuing your dream comes with its own set of problems.