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Time: 1800’s                                  

Situation: Against her father's wishes, Salomé Ureña de Henríquez, iconic Dominican poet here seen as a young woman, has been secretly writing politically charged poetry under the pseudonym "Herminia".  During this time period (1800's) in the Dominican Republic, a woman was not supposed to be educated or get involved in politics.  Salomé's father, Nísidas, a progressive and sensible man, went against this and secretly home-schooled both of his daughters.  However, now that he has discovered Salomé's secret he is afraid for her life and what this could do to the entire family.  Here, Salomé confronts her father about her work and her desire to reveal her true identity.

Subject Matter: Identity, Social Oppression, Feminism, Activism, Caribbean, History, Historical Fiction, Poetry, Freedom Of Speech, Patriotism, Politics, Female Empowerment, Womanhood, Fathers and Daughters, Family Relationships, Julia Alvarez

Supplemental Information

This play is based on the novel In the Name of Salomé by Julia Alvarez

Click on Video below to see TV Interviews with Playwright Marco Antonio Rodriguez talking about Salomé.


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    Young Adult (18-21), Adult 20-30
  • Character Gender Ident./Sexual Orient.
  • Character Ethnicity
    Caribbean, Latin@/x - Hispanic
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    Adaptation, Drama, Historical Drama
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    1 min or less
  • Writer Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation
  • Writer Ethnicity
    Caribbean, Latin@/x - Hispanic
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Watch Playwright Marco Antonio Rodriguez talking about Salomé on ABC news show: Tiempo With Joe Torres

Watch Playwright Marco Antonio Rodriguez talking about Salomé in Spanish on Telemundo Acceso Total.

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