Hope Lindsay


Hope Lindsay has been a finalist for Vermont College of Fine Arts’ Katherine Paterson prize for children’s writing, and has written nonfiction for newspaper columns, The Mindfulness Bell magazine and some years ago, The Woman’s Compendium. Recently, she was published in The New Engagement, digital edition, January 2017. Currently, she is at work on a Creative Nonfiction novella, The Assessment, which writes of her experiences among developing cultures and struggling families.



I was raised in the segregated southern United States, but I became an early rebel against biases of all types, primarily because of my perceived ostracism for my sexuality. The first of my family to be college educated, I was transplanted to the Northeast where I became a writer and poet, and won my first accolades there. It was a minor triumph, but I was hooked. I'd hate to be so insular as to say I write to express myself, but I do. I just hope the themes are universal.





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Hope Lindsay

Patricia Highsmith loves women.

Hope Lindsay

Patricia Highsmith was a bold and sometimes brassy, tantalizing young woman, who despite being in the vanguard in so many ways, may not have had the courage of her convictions.