GLIDER (Extended Version)

Author Chris Sumberg
Clinton, Tennessee


Time: Contemporary                                

Situation: A divorced father, Jim, tries to connect with his estranged, but polite, young son. The monologue deconstructs the relationship between a loving, if emotionally damaged, father and a kid navigating the post-divorce landscape. The piece centers on an airplane model-building project that Jim initiates, a parallel to projects that Jim worked on as a kid with his own father. It is implied that Jim's father was not a particularly kind person. 

Subject Matter: Divorce, Relationships, Parenting, Fathers, Sons, Children, Love, Self-Help, Communication, Child Abuse Survivor

Note from Playwright: The piece, I hope, presents a study of a complex, if seemingly straightforward, personality. The speaker, Jim, is a bit profane, a bit damaged, but he is a good guy. He is doing his best to maintain and even improve his relationship with his young son. While the monologue is largely about miscommunication and misunderstandings, it offers some hope: Both of the characters clearly love each other.With all of the above in mind, the actor shouldn't play the role as if Jim is an unintentionally comical, stereotypical, knuckleheaded man. Jim is sometimes inarticulate, and he also works overtime suppressing various worrying declarations - but he also is thoughtful and is a complex character.


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    Drama, Comedic Drama
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