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Glenn Alterman is a multi-award winning playwright, the author of 30 theater related books (including 10 books of original monologues), a screenwriter, and a highly respected monologue/audition acting coach. 

Mr. Alterman is the recipient of a 2017 French Arts Grant and most recently the Jerry Kaufman Award. He received the first Julio T. Nunez Artist’s Grant, The Arts and Letters Award in Drama, the Bloomington Playwrights Project Award (Reva Shiner Award) and has won over 60 playwriting awards, including being a five-time finalist at The Actor’s Theater of Louisville, Ten- Minute Play Competition. 

He holds the world record for being “The Author of The Most Published Original Monologues For Actors” ( and soon The Guinness Book of World Records). His plays and monologues have appeared in over 40 Best Play, Best Short Play and Best Monologue anthologies.

His most recent book, Writing The 10-Minute Play (Limelight Editions from Applause Theatre and Cinema Books), is now part of the curriculum of many college playwriting courses. His next book, Best Monologues For All Auditions. (And How To Prepare For Them!) (Smith and Kraus publishers) should be available soon.

Mr. Alterman’s plays, LIKE FAMILY and THE PECKING ORDER, were optioned by Red Eye Films (with Alterman writing the screenplay). His play, SOLACE, was produced off-Broadway by the Circle East Theater Company (formerly Circle Rep Theater Company). COULDA-WOULDA-SHOULDA won the Three Genres Playwriting Competition- twice. The prize included ongoing publication of the play (along with plays by Edward Albee and William Inge) in the Prentice Hall textbook Three Genres:The Writing of Literary Prose, Poems and Plays Editions 7-10. It is one of the most widely used writing textbooks in colleges today. 

Mr. Alterman wrote the book for Heartstrings: The National Tour (commissioned by DIFFA, the Design Industries Foundation for Aids), a thirty-five city tour that starred Michelle Pfeiffer, Ron Silver, Susan Sarandon, Marlo Thomas, and Sandy Duncan. Other plays include KISS ME WHEN IT’S OVER (commissioned by E. Weissman Productions), starring and directed by André De Shields; TOURISTS OF THE MINDFIELD (finalist in the L. Arnold Weissberger Playwriting Competition at New Dramatists); and STREET TALK/UPTOWN (based on his monologue books), produced at the West Coast Ensemble.

Mr. Alterman’s work has been performed at Primary Stages, Ensemble Studio Theater (EST), Circle in the Square Downtown, HERE, LaMaMa, Circle Repertory Theater Company, at the Duplex, Playwrights Horizons, at several theaters on Theater Row in New York, as well as at many theaters around the country and on three continents.



I started out as an actor. Like most actors I needed monologues for auditions. It became a daunting task always looking for new material. I'd spend hours in the drama section of libraries and in bookstores reading through plays looking for that "perfect monologue". It took up a lot of my time and was exhausting. Finally, I just got fed up and decided to write my own monologue, even though I didn't know how. I just began. It took several days, but I completed one. I brought it in to my acting class. I lied, told the teacher it was from a play. I performed it---- and everyone, the teacher, the other actors LOVED IT! I immediately confessed that I wrote it. Next thing I knew I was writing monologues every week for ALL the other actors. Some were really good, some weren't. I was learning as I wrote. By the end of the year I had over 100 monologues. Someone suggested I group them by a theme and have a production. I found a bunch that seemed to work together and next thing I knew I had a play called GOD IN BED. It got a LOT of attention! Eventually a publisher heard about it and shortly after that I had my first publishing deal, my first book of original monologues STREET TALK, CHARACTER MONOLOGUES FOR ACTORS (Smith and Kraus). The book was a big hit and many other books of original monologues followed, and then a series of theater related books for actors and writers.



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