FOR ALL WE KNOW - A Terrible Father - Tommy

Author Rob Dames
Los Angeles, California


Angie, a woman of 32. crashes Tommy's dressing room following a concert claiming to be his daughter. Tommy never knew he had a daughter, but hell he's a rock star he might have lots of daughters. Angie also never knew that he could be her father but learned just before her mother died. Now she has come to earn her place as his daughter. He is very resistant to the idea until Angie shows him photos of him and her mother. He finally agrees that he probably sired her. He wants to know what she wants from him. All she wants is one moment of daughter/father normalcy. What that entails surprises him.


Time: Contemporary                                

Situation: Tommy, a rock star, is followed into his dressing room by Angie, his presumed daughter. He responds to her claims that he is her father. 

Subject Matter: Fatherhood, Taking Responsibility, Rock and Roll Lifestyle

Note from Playwright: This piece opens a one-act play. I have often felt there was a story to be told about the wild ways of a younger life and the results it leaves behind.

Supplemental Information: To read the full script FOR ALL WE KNOW, visit Rob’s New Play Exchange page.


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    One-Act Play
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    Adult 50-60
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    African/African American, European, White
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    Rock Star
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