FINDING FISH - No Other Choice - Michael

Author Carlyle Brown
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Part myth, part futuristic science fiction, a cautionary tale FINDING FISH was a commission for Stage Force Theatre in Kittery Point, Maine. In the future, food is scarce and the oceans have been depleted of fish. But one fisherman on the Maine Coast keeps bringing in the catch. Could his luck have anything to do with his strange new wife? The people in power would do anything to find out, especially "The Committee", who has sent the fisherman's brother to reel him-and his secrets-in.


Time: Future                                     

Situation: MICHAEL, a scientist studying the Earth’s dwindling fish populations, has just come home after being away for a long time. He meets his brother PETER’s wife FIONA for the first time and finds her irresistibly attractive. He is trying his best to resist temptation as he attempts to get to know her. He and PETER had a serious argument the night before about whether or not PETER (the only fisherman still able to catch fish in waters where no one else can) will testify before "The Committee."

Subject Matter: Declining Fish Population, Environmental Degradation, Family, Brothers, Rivalry, Change, Future, Attraction

Note from Playwright

I was asked to write this play for Stage Force Theatre not only because the artistic director, a longtime colleague, was confident in my abilities to translate research into compelling theater, but also because I had spent my formative years as a young sailor piloting ships in the Gulf of Maine, and although I was never a fisherman, I witnessed the savage depletion of the fisheries first hand.  Therefore, my interest and connection to the material is deeply personal.

The piece is still in development.


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