Author Liz Minette
Esko, MN


An older woman retrieves a long-kept and favorite bowl to place something in. The person describing this act is outside of it, but for what is perhaps a small gesture, retrieving a silver bowl and placing fruit in it, takes on economics, memory, class and beauty in four stanzas. The poem has a lot going on for three stanzas, and could move, be read or acted in slow, to depict the movements of the woman and memory. 

Time: Present Day 

Situation: It is a present-day kitchen, morning; the woman, out of convenience, or perhaps frugality, or perhaps eccentricity, keeps a little wooden school chair in the her kitchen to reach a top cupboard. It is the only thing she uses to reach the top cupboard. She has only one thing in mind right now: to retrieve her silver bowl her best friend gave her on her wedding day many years ago to place recently purchased fruit in it. The bowl always stays in the top cupboard and is rarely used for other things. 

Subject Matter: Food; Memory; Carefulness in detail; Tenderness; Kitchen; Differentness

Note from the Playwright: I wrote this piece for and about my Mom. I witnessed her doing this as I stood back and just watched. She was so focused on what she was doing, just this one thing that was the most important thing of the moment, and she seemed like "the girl given responsibility to handle the good dishes". It was such a determined, tender, focused and quiet moment. I asked her later, when I was starting to write the piece, where the bowl came from and she told me. Something new and special that she had purchased to be held in bowl given to her by her best friend many years ago.


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