David Rich


David Rich is the author of two Lieutenant Rollie Waters novels: Caravan of Thieves and Middle Man published by Dutton.  He wrote the feature film, Renegades, starring Kiefer Sutherland and Lou Diamond Philips, as well as episodes of MacGyver and other shows.  David wrote three plays: The Interview, The Rescue, and The Bounty Hunters.  






The Interview – contact Writer at www.davidrichbooks.com

The Rescue – contact Writer at www.davidrichbooks.com

The Bounty Hunters - available at Stageplays.com    

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David Rich

Abaddon may be odious, but does that mean he should die for it?

David Rich

Billy explains the affection he had for his captor Abdul.

David Rich

Billy wants to explain the truth about his relationship with his captors.