Author Rae Binstock
Brooklyn, New York

PLAY DESCRIPTION: From a time-traveling dinner party to an Alabama jailhouse, a group of women from the length and breadth of American culture struggle to figure out who they are and what they want. As the country confronts its own bloody history and the path of the future grows ever more uncertain, the relationships between these women start to strain, revealing how very deep America's wounds go. Inspired by works such as Caryl Churchill's TOP GIRLS and Maria Irene Fornés's FEFU AND HER FRIENDS, DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN EVOLUTION is a loud, sarcastic, and painful look at American womanhood across the centuries.


Time: Contemporary (Present), Pre-Contemporary (1640’s)                                

Situation: Askamaboo is at a party where all the other guests are women of different races, ages, and religions, from throughout American history. They are discussing a female presidential candidate (who may or may not be Hillary Clinton) and why they do or don't want her to win.

Subject Matter: Native American History, Politics, Hypocrisy, Anger, Subjugation, Compassion, Feminism, Intersectionality, Race, Gender, Violence, Identity, Women, Hillary Clinton

Note from Playwright: A young woman from the Wampanoag tribe, which dominated much of Massachusetts before English colonialism. Askamaboo is a jock and honest person with no time to deal with others' pretensions. She's not weepy; she's so pissed it's become eternal static in her brain.

The Playwright gives you permission to do this scene as a monologue.

Supplemental Information: To read the full script, visit Rae’s New Play Exchange page. 


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  • Source
    Full-Length Play
  • Character Age
    Adult 20-30
  • Character Gender Ident./Sexual Orient.
  • Character Ethnicity
    Native American
  • Genre
    Comedic Drama, Historical Drama, Political Play
  • Period
    Pre-Contemporary, Contemporary
  • Length
    1 min or less
  • Writer Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation
    Female, LGBTPQQIA/Non-Binary
  • Writer Ethnicity
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