Con Chapman


I am a Boston-area playwright whose work has been performed in Boston, New York, New Haven and elsewhere.  I am the author of two novels, a history of the '78 Red Sox-Yankees pennant race and forty books of humor available on  I am currently writing a biography of Johnny Hodges, Duke Ellington's long-time alto sax player, for Oxford University Press.



Character is everything, not philosophies or messages.  I don't condescend to my characters, and actors shouldn't either.





I have written over thirty plays.  Ten have been published by JAC Publishing, Brooklyn Publishers and Eldridge Publishing.


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Con Chapman

A mother pregnant with her second child grows increasingly impatient as she and her young daughter wait for her husband to pick them up.

Con Chapman

A pregnant mother grows increasingly impatient as she waits with her young daughter for her husband to pick them up after a golf game.

Con Chapman

A pregnant mother tries to entertain her young child while they wait for a ride.