Christopher Woods


Christopher Woods is a writer, teacher and photographer who lives in Houston and Chappell Hill, Texas. His published works include a novel, THE DREAM PATCH, a prose collection, UNDER A RIVERBED SKY, and a book of stage monologues for actors, HEART SPEAK. His short fiction and poetry has appeared in hundreds of journals including THE SOUTHERN REVIEW, NEW ORLEANS REVIEW and GLIMMER TRAIN. He conducts private creative writing workshops in Houston. His photography can be seen in his gallery -


Thoughts on an Artistic Life

Some of us have chosen, or been condemned, to record the world that is all around us. We start small, looking around the room, but soon we also look out the window, see the world we have, for better or worse, inherited. Shrimpers and stockbrokers, roughnecks and collared priests, and on and on, all moving about, the years piling up. 

Any land will give up words, and history, and secrets. I am still naive enough to think that my life is meant to gather what this land I walk on has to say, the colors and the smells, what is old and what is new - to preserve it in phrases and lines and images - as if there might be something worth saving.




HEART SPEAK - Monologues for Men and Women

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Christopher Woods

A young EMS worker receives some frightening news from a doctor.

Christopher Woods

A man remembers a strange woman from his youth.