Chris Sumberg


Chris Sumberg's full-length play, COLD, was a 2016 Panowski Playwriting Award finalist. He's had short stories, humor pieces, and essays published in Story|Houston, Bitter Empire, Orion Magazine (online), The Guardian, Broad Street Review, Urbanite, Chronogram, The Partially Examined Life, Southern Fried Karma (New Southern Fugitives), and other magazines and journals.



What drives me to write? The punchline to Kafka's "The Hunger Artist" covers most of it. On a more positive note, it also simply is *fun* to write, taking a story or character or situation idea that captures your imagination/interest and - at least, to some degree - realizing that idea. Beyond the first draft, I even like revising and proofing. (Formatting and card stock hole-punching, not so much.)



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Chris Sumberg

A divorced father tries to connect with his estranged, but polite, young son.

Chris Sumberg

A loving, if emotionally damaged, father and his son try their best to navigate the post-divorce landscape.