Brandon Burris


Brandon Burris is an attorney, author, and professor from Oklahoma. He is a prolific legal writer and teaches legal writing. He received an award for an excerpt of his children's book, Abs and Ralph Save the Cheetah Princess, in which foster kids use friendship and fantasy to survive abuse and trauma. His one-act play THE WAR recently received a reading, and his poetry and memoir have or will be shared in literary journals, including the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.

Brandon enjoys writing about what he knows: poverty, faith, domestic dysfunction, tough kids, resilient victims, otherness, and Southern culture.



Character is the soul of all good writing.







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Brandon Burris

Jedidiah, the patron saint of the working poor, is trying to help a fellow connect with his one true love.

Brandon Burris

Susanna successfully fought off an attempted rape and tells off those who paint her as weak.

Brandon Burris

Jedidiah, the patron saint of the working poor, is not to be underestimated.