BED BUGS & BEYOND - Exterminating Angel - Crispin Colvin

Author Mark Blickley
Long Island City, NY


The "Exterminating Angel" monologue comes from my theatrical farce, BED BUGS & BEYOND. It is a vulgar play with noble intent that was performed in NYC at Dixon Place, The 13th Street Repertory Theater and the Unchained Festival. The Crispin Colvin you meet in this monologue is a reincarnated serial murderer we first met in Act One who took an axe to his family members seated around the Thanksgiving table because they offered canned cranberry sauce jelly instead of sauce made with fresh cranberries. His body has changed as Crispin, but not his violent, passionate pursuit of justice. 

Time: The Present

Situation: Crispin Colvin is employed by a sleazy hotel as their bed bug exterminator. After two illicit lovers have rented the hotel room for an hour and are attacked by these blood sucking parasites, Colvin literally slithers on stage, sniffing out his prey before jumping up with his chemical spray weapon to deliver his sermon against physical and moral filth. 

Subject Matter: Bed Bugs, Pest Control, Religious Zealots Anger, Injustice, Delusional, Exterminator

Note from the Playwright:

I wrote this piece during a potent bed bug infestation in New York City. BED BUGS & BEYOND is a vulgar Hemoglobic Fantasy with lofty intent. This current bed bug scourge and these frightening creatures are even more horrific when one extensively researches their violent and perverse sex lives that are a wonderful metaphor for the political attacks currently being waged against women and gay citizens. The play offers up a self-proclaimed exterminating angel, a victimized female bed bug fighting to correct injustices, a bed bug of questionable gender, and a male bed bug fueled by testosterone poisoning.

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